Insider Tips on Visiting World Wide Technology Raceway

World Wide Technology Raceway, an older name of Gateway International Raceway and Gateway Motorsports Park, is a motorsport racing facility in Madison, Illinois, USA. It features a 1.250 mi (2.012 km) oval that hosts the NASCAR Cup Series, NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, and the NTT INDYCAR SERIES.

Latest Update: Amid the growing popularity of WWTR, there is another great reason for racing fans to visit this racing facility as WWTR will host the 28th annual Mickey Thompson Million Dollar Drag Race on September 12-16, 2023.

World Wide Technology Raceway (WWTR) is the only track in the world to host the premier series of NASCAR, INDYCAR, and NHRA. Located just five minutes from downtown St. Louis and covering more than 700 acres, WWTR is the largest outdoor entertainment facility in the area

It also contains a 2.000-mile (3.219 km) infield road course used by SpeedTour TransAm, SCCA, and Porsche Club of America, a quarter-mile strip that hosts the annual NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series Midwest Nationals event, and the Kartplex, a state-of-the-art karting facility.

World Wide Technology Raceway is an indoor go-kart track that brings the thrill of outdoor racing right into your living room. When you visit one of these tracks, you’ll be put behind the wheel of a minor, gas-powered car and sent on a short lap around a track.

With hairpin turns and straightaways, there’s a lot to learn about how to get the most out of your experience at World Wide Technology Raceway. Whether you’ve never been to one of these tracks before or are just looking for some new tips, this guide will help you get the most out of your time at World Wide Technology Raceway.

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Arrive Early

Since there are many factors that can affect your lap times at World Wide Technology Raceway, it’s important to know exactly what they are. The fastest lap times will be on a cool track with no wind, so it’s important that all of these factors are ideal before you start.

The best way to ensure that you’ll be driving when the track is at its best is to arrive early. The earlier you can get to the track, the more time there will be to change the track conditions to suit your driving needs. The other benefit of arriving early is that you’ll be able to get in a few practice laps before everyone starts showing up and slowing you down.

While you’re waiting for the place to get busy, you can also use the time to review the rules of the track, familiarize yourself with the track’s layout, or just talk with other guests who have also arrived early. Early birds get the best lap times so be sure to come at least an hour before the place opens.

Don’t Forget the Basics

In your eagerness to get behind the wheel at World Wide Technology Raceway, you may forget how to approach the track. Before you start driving, make sure to go through the basic racing rules. While each track’s rules may vary slightly, they usually include the same important point: Always stay in your own lane. Keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times.

Keep your speed under control. Don’t cut corners or cross the yellow line. Always stay on your side of the track. Find the best racing line. By going over these rules before you start driving, you’ll be less likely to make a mistake when you hit the track.

Know Your Track Before You Race

If you’re visiting World Wide Technology Raceway for the first time, you may want to arrive really early and spend some time studying the track. This will allow you to get a better sense of the track’s layout and learn which racing line is the fastest.

This is especially important if you’re driving with a group of friends and one of you is visiting the track for the first time. Doing this will allow you to feel more confident while racing, which will help you be more successful. If you don’t have time to study the track before you drive, you can still get a general idea of the layout by looking at the track map on the wall as you sign in.

Be Strategic With Your Passing

While passing may be essential to getting a fast lap time, you don’t want to endanger yourself or others while doing it. The most important thing to keep in mind while passing is that you must always stay on your side of the track.

That means that even if you’re behind another kart, you can’t cross over the yellow line to go around them. You’ll have to either wait until you catch up to them or force them to let you go by using the horn.

The best way to pass someone is to follow their line, pass them on the straightaways (where it’s easier to cross over the yellow line), and then let them go by you on the corners. While this may seem obvious, you’d be surprised how many people forget these rules while they’re racing.

Try Out Different Go-Karts

There are a few different go-karts at the World Wide Technology Raceway, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. While there are many things to take into consideration when choosing which go-kart to drive, the biggest factor is your experience level.

If you’re new to go-karting, it’s best to start out in the slower karts, such as the Lazer or Junior karts. Once you feel comfortable driving and have a good feel for the track, move up to a faster go-kart. I
f you are an experienced go-karter, it’s a good idea to stick with one of the faster karts. While the slower karts are more forgiving, they also don’t give you as many opportunities to improve your lap times.

Final Words

Visiting World Wide Technology Raceway is a great way to spend an afternoon with friends or family. With the right approach, you can be sure to have a great time while getting in a ton of laps. From arriving early to studying the track and choosing the right go-kart, these insider tips will help you get the most out of your visit to World Wide Technology Raceway.

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