Squads’ Value at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

England has the highest squad value of €1260M and the host Qatar has the lowest value squad of just €14.9M.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is well underway in the oil-rich kingdom, and the drama has already begun with Saudi Arabia defeating Messi’s Argentina and Japan defeating Germany by 2-1. As you are enjoying the nail-biters, it would be interesting to know the value of teams participating in the world cup.

Quick Note: England has the highest value squad of a staggering €1260 million.

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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Group A

As we know, there are 32 teams divided into 8 groups. Group A consists of the host, Ecuador, Senegal, and the Netherlands, with a total valuation of €1036.65 million. Interesting thing is that Qatar has the team with the lowest market value of all 32 participants with just a €14.9 million combined valuation of their 26 men, contributing only 1.4% to the total group A valuation.

According to the data compiled by SportingPedia, Ecuador has a squad value of €146.5 million which contributes 14.1% to the total valuation of €1036.65 of Group A. Senegal’s group share is 27.8% which has a team value of €288 million. The Netherlands has the highest value squad of €587.3 million, contributing 56.6% to the Group A value.

Squads’ Value at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Group B

England, the USA, Wales, and Iran fall into Group F of the tournament. This group has a total value of 1764.07 million. England is the leader of Group B with a squad value of 1260 million. According to the numbers, this is the most unequally-matched group, with the value of England alone accounting for more than 71% of the total value of the group.

USA has a squad valued at 280.9 million with a 15.9% group share. Wales contribute 9.3% to Group B with 164.7 million. Iran has the lowest team value of 58.5, capturing 3.3% of the group value.

Squads’ Value at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Group C

Group C consists of great-of-all-times Messi’s Argentina, Mexico, Poland, and Saudi Arabia with a total group value 1093.77 million.

Argentina has the lion’s share of 57.9% with a squad value of 633.2 million. Poland comes second with 255.8 million at 23.4%. Mexico is at number three in Group C contributing 16.1% to the group value with a squad value of 176.1 million.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has the lowest value squad of 28.7 million in Group C, contributing 2.6% to the group value.

Squads’ Value at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Group D

France, Australia, Tunisia, and Denmark are in Group D of the FIFA world cup Qatar 2022. The group has a total value of €1471.87million.

France has the majority (69%) in group share with a Squad value of €1016 million. France is followed by Denmark which has a 24.1% group share with a value of €354.5 million.

Tunisia comes third with a value of €62.1 million, contributing 4.2% to the overall group value. The squad representing the national side of Australia has the lowest value in Group D which is €39.3 million. The following pie chart makes it easy for you to have a comparison.

Squads’ Value at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Group E

Group E is the most valuable group in Qatar in 2022, with an estimated market value of €1.935 billion (€1935.52M). Spain and Germany are the outright favorites to reach the direct eliminations and also have the lion’s share of the group’s total market value, €902M and €873.5M respectively, while Japan (€141.2M) accounts for little more than 7%.

Costa Rica’s (€18.8M) attribution makes up a fraction less than 1% of what group E is estimated to be worth, which represents the lowest share a team has of their group’s total.

Squads’ Value at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Group F

Group F contains Morocco, Croatia, Belgium, and Canada. It has a total value of €1407.40 million which is the sixth-highest total value of the World Cup’s eight groups. It is the only group in which all four participants contribute over 10% of the total valuation.

Belgium is leading Group F contributing 41.1% to the group valuation with a squad value of €578.2 million. Croatia, Morocco, and Canada have €391 million (27.8%), €250.6 million (17.8%), and €187.6 million (13.3%) respectively.

Squads’ Value at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Group G

In Group G, favorite Brazil the teams of Switzerland, Cameroon, and Serbia combine for a total of €1.905 billion (€1905.22 million) in market value.

Brazil is the second-most expensive squad selection after England with a value of €1137 million which amounts to 59.7% of the total group value. Serbia follows Brazil in Group G with €357.2 million at 18.7%.

Switzerland (€265.4 million) and Cameroon (€145.6 million) contribute 13.9% and 7.6% to the total group value.

Squads’ Value at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Group H

The Group H of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 has a total of €1755.37 million. In this group, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal has Ghana, South Korea, and Uruguay as opponents. Portugal is leading the group with €923 million and a group share of 52.6%.

Uruguay has a group share of 25.7% with a squad valued at €451.6 million. Ghana (12.4%) and South Korea (9.3%) have squads valued at €216.9 million and €163.9 million respectively.

Squads’ Value at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Watch the video below to have easy visuals.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 News

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